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If you are not located near our facility in Metropolitan Detroit you are going to have to make arrangements to get your engine to us. While we would be happy to have the entire car shipped to us we can help you out with shipping of your engine. If you are having your engine removed from your vehicle by another service facility please feel free to have them contact us directly. We routinely deal with repair and restoration shops.

Due to the size and the weight of these shipments they will have to go via a freight carrier. Depending on what region of the country you are in will determine who we recommend to handle your shipment. If you are closer to a trucking terminal it will certainly lessen the cost for shipment as most carriers charge extra for residential pick up and delivery.

The shipping process starts with us sending you an engine shipping container via UPS. This eliminates you from having to build a crate. Certainly if you have the means to crate your own engine we welcome that as well. Please be mindful that if you are unfamiliar with how you to secure an item as heavy as an engine, feel free to let us handle that for you. It would be a terrible shame to have ancillary engine damage occur through shipping.

When it comes time for us to return your engine to you we will take all the precautions possible to insure that your power plant returns to you intact. Please note that depending on the individual application shipments may be returned to you in multiple packages. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your engine/vehicle shipping needs.