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You Didn't Think We Were Only Going To Let The Older Cars Have Fun..Did You?

The core of our business is building power in older musclecars, but we do offer a fair amount of specialized services for late model musclecars. We try to apply the same methodologies in building up the later models. Keep them looking stock while running a ton more power.

By controlling and massaging the air flow in and out of the motor we can affect large increases in power. In their stock form factory castings are extremely restrictive in airflow. In addition to working the airflow - we can modify compression, cam timing and overall engine tune to deliver an optimum power experience without sacrificing driveability.

Take a look at this 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra. Without using forced induction or nitrous oxide we were able to develop over 500 horsepower out of 347 cubic inches. This car is docile enough for anyone to drive, yet packs a punch that leaves many speechless. This Mustang idles quietly, has functional power brakes and air conditioning yet makes power that far exceeds the factory build.

There are even some cases where we can retrofit a late model engine into an earlier chassis. The current crop of Ford, Chevrolet and Mopar motors offer some very promising starting points for building horsepower.
The return of the Chrysler Hemi is certainly an exciting new prospect for the aftermarket to build some new horsepower into vintage market. Its not uncommon to see a late model Tuned Port Injection 350 find its way into a late 1950's Corvette.

Please feel free to contact us in regard to your late model project. We would be happy to review your project and offer assistance where possible. Even if you are considering a stockish rebuild on your late model muscle car - please give us call. We can accommodate all your needs from mild to wild.